GM-UhOh Premium Cannabis Flower
Flower | Cannabiotix

GM-UhOh Premium Cannabis Flower

per 1/8 oz

Type: Hybrid 

THC: 32-36%

Effects: Soothing, Sedating, Tranquility.

A new age staple, GMO aka Gm-uhOh aka Garlic Cookies, is a stupid funky cross between Chemdawg and Forum Cookies, known for its incredibly unique terpene profile and soothing high. A mix of garlic, onion, mushroom, and gas, GMO is an indica dominant hybrid that hits just as strong as it smells. These light green, spade-shaped buds are draped in crystals and feature orange hairs throughout with the occasional streaking violet hue. It has been said that this potent smoke (testing between 32%-36% THC) can lead to a state of sedation and tranquility; GMO is known to help with chronic pain, anxiety and nausea. 


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